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A method of constructing a confusion set database for use in detecting user query intentions includes obtaining a bilingual database having aligned word pairs in first and second languages. Second language word pairs in the bilingual database are aligned with corresponding correct translation first language word pairs. First language human translation word pairs corresponding to each of the second language word pairs in the bilingual database are obtained. Each first language human translation word pair for a particular second language word pair in the bilingual database is aligned with the correct translation first language word pair to define first language set pairs in the confusion set database. Methods, systems and computer readable medium for constructing the confusion set database and for retrieving sentences using the confusion set database are also disclosed.

Architecture for generating responses to search engine queries. Question/answer pairs are used to provide a predefined question hierarchy to facilitate a search. Informative terms and one or more questions are associated with each question node of the hierarchy. A question posed is mapped into the hierarchy to the most similar question class node, as determined by passages of the question and/or comparing the informative terms of the question and the question/answer node. Weighted informative terms associated with that node are then returned, and can be used by an automatic question answering system to more effectively find an answer to a question.

The claimed subject matter relates to an architecture that can facilitate consistent experiences with respect to control or configuration of a feature or function of a device. In particular, a reusable graphical user interface (GUI) component can be employed to interact with a specific feature or function of the device rather than to a specific device or application.

System and computer program product to perform an operation for query processing based on normalized search terms. The operation begins by, responsive to receiving a query, generating a normalized search term for a concept in the query based on a first language model, of a plurality of language models each having a predefined association with a respective concept. The operation then modifies the query to include the normalized search term, and executes the modified query against an indexed corpus of evidence including a first item of evidence. The operation then, upon determining that the first item of evidence includes the normalized search term, returns the first item of evidence as responsive to the query.

A battery consisting of an electrolyte of Titanium Dioxide, Hydrochloric Acid, Metal Chlorides and a Deep Eutectic Solvent (DES), with an aluminum/graphite anode, and a graphite cathode.

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It should be possible to indicate talk time and collaboration metrics based on the talk event stream coming from the Google Hangouts API. The outcome should be time series data with a speaker and the duration that could be visualized as a any report that consumes that structure or can be transformed from it (like [timeline]( ) [ 'Washington', new Date(1789, 3, 30), new Date(1797, 2, 4) ]

Hand deployed skateboard brakes as of this date have been low performing and over heat. The bicycle industry has proven the efficacy of the disc brake for bicycles. The bicycle disc brake can be mounted onto a skateboard truck hanger and serve to brake a longboard skateboard with high performance downhills and have no over heating problems.

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